Shiny Toy Guns Interview

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Tour Odyssey Ft: Dirty Heads, Shiny Toy Guns, Midi Matilda & Oh No Fiasco Starts the Second Leg of Tour By Alan D. Welding on March 27, 2013 Dirty Heads, Shiny Toy Guns, Midi Matilda & Oh No Fiasco Second leg April 3 – Tucson, Ariz.,

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Shiny Toy Guns is the kind of act that people want to get behind, so much so that Universal Records, which sponsored the Opening Night Party at MIDEM 2007, where 10,000 music industry professionals gather from around to the world to make the world of music run, made Shiny Toy Guns.

Song of the day: Shiny Toy Guns-Major Tom View this post on Instagram Day 70 complete Starting Point: Davenport, IA Stopping.

At the end of January, Shiny Toy Guns relaunched their fan-incorporated street team, the Satellites, stating, "our closest allies and the most important people in our world are the 2011 SATELLITE team. Join us, and become a part of the momentum of Shiny Toy Guns on a first hand basis.

SHINY TOY GUNS X CARAH FAYE SAYS SHE WAS KICKED OUT OF S.T.G. CHAD & JEREMY In this interview x shiny toy guns vocalist carah faye talks about being kicked out of s.t.g. but first i interviewed chad and jeremy the founders of shiny toy.

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It’s been a whirlwind journey for electro-rockers Shiny Toy Guns since they made their debut with the Grammy-nominated "We Are Pilots" two years ago. The Los Angeles-based group, led by longtime colla.

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The first album from Shiny Toy Guns is We Are Pilots, released by Universal, and available everywhere. If you missed the free tracks I posted yesterday, go check them out , and also be sure to stop by the STG website and MySpace page for tour dates and more.

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"When music history is written, we don’t want to be a footnote, we want to be an entire chapter," says Oklahoma-born synth wizard Jeremy Dawson of Shiny Toy Guns. Matching exhaustive determination wit.

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The film features music from The Sounds, Shiny Toy Guns, AWOLNation, innerpartysystem, My Passion, Kill Hannah, High Tension Wires, K.Flay, Guadalupe Plata, Carol Bui, Youth Mass, and Playback star Johnny Pacar’s own band Forever the Day.

There’s actually a paying, demanding crowd — what year is this? Opener Shiny Toy Guns arrives to bring some carnage. As Jeremy Dawson fiddles with the synthesizer and Mikey Martin kicks the bass drum,

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For more information on Shiny Toy Guns, head to the band’s official web site, and be sure to check back for my review of Girls le disko soon!

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1-16 of 234 results for "Shiny Toy Guns" Amazon Music Unlimited. Listen to any song, anywhere. Learn More about Amazon Music Unlimited. III (Deluxe) Oct 22, 2012. by Shiny Toy Guns. Streaming. Listen with Unlimited. Listen to any song, anywhere with Amazon Music Unlimited. Learn more.

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Shiny Toy Guns is an American rock band that formed in 2002 in Los Angeles, California. They released their first studio album We Are Pilots in 2006, after recording it two previous times. It featured three singles that peaked inside the top 30 in the Alternative Songs Chart.

By Andy Argyrakis: Interview with Jeremy Dawson Shiny Toy Guns usher in new wave of electronic rock ‘n roll June 26, 2007 While the days of Motown’s soul days are long gone, the debut disc from Los Angeles’ Shiny Toy Guns on that very label does develop with groove laden dance sounds.

Corporate line: “Season of Poison” is the highly anticipated sophomore album from Shiny Toy Guns. The album is the follow up to their critically acclaimed Grammy nominated debut record “We Are Pilots” which was released in 2006.

Naturally, since Shiny Toy Guns were marking the anniversary of We Are Pilots, they played the album in its entirety. That makes my job easier, I don’t need to.

“It’s a life-chaging song. It’s a game changer,” says singer Carah Faye Charnow. “She deserves everything that’s happening,” says keyboardist Jeremy Dawson. “It’s like a real artist with real songs an.

Chad Petree is the co-producer, guitarist, male lead vocalist, and songwriter of alternative indie rock band Shiny Toy Guns. He grew up in small town Shawnee, Oklahoma, where he and his best friend Je.

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The grand prize is an autographed copy of the new Shiny Toy Guns album, We Are Pilots, the Burton Audex Jacket (which includes Bluetooth technology for mobile phones and iPod controls hardwired into t.

At the end of January, Shiny Toy Guns relaunched their fan-incorporated street team, the Satellites, stating, "our closest allies and the most important people in our world are the 2011 SATELLITE team. Join us, and become a part of the momentum of Shiny Toy Guns on a first hand basis.

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Carah Faye is the lead singer of Shiny Toy Guns, a rock band from Los Angeles, CA.She let us in her show early for an interview… Here’s what she had to say about being sober in the music industry.